I have issues to download my Presets

How to Install Lightroom Presets in IOS

How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets for Android  

 How to install the presets in Lightroom Mobile:

1. Upload Unzipped Folder with .dng files to your phone

2. Open the .dng File in your Adobe Lightroom Mobile App
3. Click on the (...) Settings Button and choose "CREATE PRESET"


4. Give a name to your Preset and save it

5. To apply this filter to you picture, open it and press the "Presets" Button below


6. Here you will find the preset you saved before! Select it to apply this Preset to you picture.

Which App I need to use your Presets?

You need Adobe Lightroom CC or the Free Smartphone App Lightroom Mobile CC to use Lightroom Presets. You can find the Free Download here


How can I unZip the zip File on my IPhone

The easiest way do directly unZip the files on your Iphone is the App IZip